RaceTrac, Wintastic - R/GA

Comedy spots out of R/GA Austin introduce a tough coach as pitchman for Racetrac’s rewards program.

Eli Green’s new campaign for RaceTrac and Austin agency R/GA rewrites the playbook for convenience store advertising in a very funny way. The spots feature a tough-as-nails coach who teaches consumers how to win in RaceTrac’s new Wintastic Rewards program. The humor is quick and over-the-top. “Because the spots are short, they need to be punchy and make an immediate impact,” says Green. “The characters are larger than life.”

Green shot the spots in Atlanta using the city’s Cobb Civic Center and a RaceTrac store as locations. “I like creative that’s a little outrageous,” says Green. “I like to push the envelope, grab people by the shirt collar and come up with things that are funny and totally unexpected.”

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