J.P. McMahon
Executive Producer / Partner

As a Managing Partner and Co-Founder of A Common Thread, Inc., J.P. McMahon (Jay), strives to make A Common Thread one of the most successful and respected production houses in the industry. J.P., also known as just "Jay" started his career in New York City as a Producer working with a clientele of top agencies and companies throughout the commercial production industry. J.P. McMahon dedicates himself to building and expanding A Common Thread's roster of exceptional talent, innovating A Common Thread's business model, and producing quality work. Drawing on multiple years of experience he is integral to the continued success of A Common Thread. After attending 4 years at the prestigious Northfield Mt. Hermon High School in Massachusetts, J.P. McMahon (Jay) attended the University of Vermont where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree.He currently resides on the Marina Peninsula, CA.

Tristan Drew
Executive Producer / Partner

Tristan Drew is a Managing Partner and Co-Founder of A Common Thread, Inc. He began his career in Los Angeles as a Production Assistant, quickly absorbing the film production business from the bottom up to become a Line Producer on Broadcast Commercials and Music Videos for the industries top companies. He and his partner J.P. McMahon founded A Common Thread with the vision of creating and producing high quality content. With over a decade of experience in the production industry, Tristan is instrumental in A Common Thread's growth and success. Tristan is a native of Toledo, OH and a proud graduate of The Ohio State University, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree. He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with his wife Summer, three children Asher, Reese and Julian and their beloved English Bulldog Ernie.

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